How To Build A Successful Skincare Practice

How To Build A Successful Skincare Practice!

Calling all Estey’s. This resource is for you. Wondering how to build a successful skin care practice – read previously asked questions and ask your questions now. We will all benefit from your curiosity.

How can you keep customers loyal?

Over the years (29 of them!) I have found that I keep loyal clients by ultizing 2 things. First is listening. Being attentive to their needs. Our industry is all about connection. You don’t have to be the most book smart Esthetcian (you can find answers) but you do need to know how to connect. Without that skill, I can guarantee you’ll spend way too much time alone in your treatment room.

The next thing that creates loyal clients is staying up with current corrective treatments – whether it is peels, technology or advanced skincare techniques. Clients nowadays are savvy. There is so much information on the Internet. They know about the latest and greatest in skin care and anti-aging and they want to know that you are even more savvy and can offer these modalities to them. Educating them on these treatments – and booking them for regular series – keeps clients off the internet and in your treatment room.

What is the most cost effective way to promote my business and receive the best client response: Direct mail, Email blasts, or Social Media?

I have utilized all these avenues of marketing over the years.  I’m a bit old fashioned in that I believe that referrals from your existing clientele are always the most solid referrals. Treating each existing client with the best customer service and encouragng them to refer to you, will build a strong foundation of loyal clients. I would recommend having a good email system (such as Mailchimp) with all of your current clients. Stay in touch via email and utilize “email blasts” to get word of mouth flowing. This week, send an email blast to current clients with an incentive to tell 3 friends about you!

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