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Learning from the nature of our homeland. We combine nature and science in a very special way – for best effectiveness and absolute well-being.

BIODROGA Bioscience Institute stands for a strengthened skin feeling and moments of true beauty. Our raw materials are always based on the model of nature. A large part of our ingredients are of natural origin or are created by the knowledge of natural biological processes. Our in-house Black Forest Complex combines the elemental forces of nature and provides a very special energy and relaxation. The pampering treatments give you a break for all your senses and a youthful glow – like a short break in the Black Forest

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Nature and science combined into clean formulations for pampering skin and mind – that’s Bioscience Institute.
Biotechnology starts in our name. Our home with its unique nature is our role model. When formulating our formulations, we rely on natural ingredients as well as bioactive ingredients obtained using biotechnological processes. To this end, we use modern possibilities to extract certain ingredients from plant raw materials and to produce natural substances in cell cultures in a targeted manner. The result is clean formulations with a high-performance effect for pampering skin and mind – in the institute and at home.



Our heart beats for true beauty.

BIODROGA offers all facets of “true beauty”. With the symbiosis of the true home of Baden-Baden in the beautiful Black Forest, real people who stand for, with and behind the brand, the real purity and individuality of the products and true well-being in every place, we are at the service of real, true beauty .


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Born in Baden-Baden, at home in the Black Forest.

We have been offering comprehensive beauty know-how since 1959 and developing innovative, high-performance cosmetics and individual treatment concepts. With our brand concepts we would like to take you into a world of relaxation, peace and beauty. All of our products are 100% “Made in Germany”, “Made in Baden-Baden”, “Made in Black Forest” – in order to pass on exactly this relaxing environment to you in our products.


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Expert knowledge at eye level.

Experts in all areas ensure true beauty and well-being. With our decades of expertise, we are a trusted specialist and are happy to pass on our knowledge. Our experienced team of cosmetic experts with their own research & development, training, technology and sales are always in contact with our worldwide network of institutes in order to spread the approach of true beauty globally and in turn provide you with the best individual treatments and targeted care for each To be able to pamper your skin’s needs. In the institute, in the store and at home.


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Reduced to the essentials, for people and the environment.

Clean formulations meet high performance effects. We celebrate the perfect interaction of innovative, “clean” ingredients with the latest active principles. This is part of our DNA and has always been anchored in our name: BIO = biological ingredients, DROGA = highly effective substances. We have always aligned our recipes with this in order to enable efficient care that is free of distractions: we are convinced that we generally avoid mineral oil, parabens, microplastics, PEGs and cyclic silicones.


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Holistically thought out, individually cared for.

Give your skin a break – or help it when it needs support. With our holistic treatment approaches, from intensive treatments to home care and a diverse, type-appropriate range, we offer everything you need for beautiful skin. Unique active complexes and dermatologically proven, significant effective results open up a new dimension in skin care. For your individual beauty! BIODROGA – a homage to the miracle of skin


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True beauty and well-being anywhere.

Anyone who feels beautiful is perceived that way. This belief in one’s own charisma and the appreciation of oneself is the secret of true beauty. That’s why BIODROGA is the professional partner at your side for unforgettable treatments in exclusive institutes and individually tailored home treatments – a brand experience for all the senses, for true beauty.


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Selected ingredients from the Black Forest

We went in search of traces in our homeland and discovered very special treasures that the Black Forest holds in itself. Treasures that we make use of for BIODROGA in an impressive way. Treasure, for your beauty! The result is a unique, exclusive complex that combines the elemental forces of nature: The Black Forest complex. With elderberry, fern and moss, it lets the skin come to rest, brings it into balance, provides relaxation and gives it a special energy that you otherwise only experience through intensive nature experiences.
The Black Forest: mysterious, mystical and full of fascination. Mysterious stories and legends surround the Black Forest. In some places, trees, rocks, springs and lakes are said to have miraculous, almost magical powers. Over millions of years, nature has created an impressive landscape whose archaic powers can still be felt today.