High-performance skin care close to medicine for real results. BIODROGA Medical Institute combines Power Incis, Professional Support and Performance Treatments.

The key to maximum effectiveness lies in our innovative acid concept: Each product contains a specially selected acid that maximizes the effect of the integrated high-performance active ingredients. In addition, our cleanness standards, as well as the close cooperation with dermatologists ensure optimal skin compatibility. As part of your individual care concept, highly efficient acid treatments are combined with highly effective products for home use in the institute and tailored to the individual needs of your skin.

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Biodroga medical institute
Four successive care steps maximize the effectiveness of dermazeutical high-tech products and ensure optimal care and protection of the skin. In our highly efficient acid treatments, the most effective treatments in dermacosmetics, active ingredients and acids are individually combined – for convincing and lasting results on every skin appearance.
All BIODROGA Medical Institute products are vegan and fragrance-free. All cream formulations also contain the so-called Derma Membrane Complex, DMC, which, due to its skin-related structure, ensures special compatibility. It facilitates the absorption of active ingredients, nourishes and nourishes the skin barrier and supports skin regeneration.

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Acids – a new start for the skin

Acids have a spectacular image – they are an intensive program and freshness cure for beautiful, new skin. They form the ideal basis for a basic renewal program of the skin and there is almost no skin that does not benefit from acid treatments. BIODROGA Medical Institute combines high-performance active ingredients and specific acids into formulations of maximum efficacy, both in the treatments in the institute and in the products for home use. Each of our products contains a specially selected acid that acts as an effective booster to specifically support product performance. In the treatments at the institute, the acid treatments are adapted to your individual skin needs – for convincing results.
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