Snow Algae Activates the Anti-Aging Gene

Dr. Grandel Brings The Miracle of Snow Algae To Your Skin

In clinical trials, snow algae (a.k.a. “red” algae) has powerful anti-aging effects. Most importantly, it stimulates the expression of the Klotho gene.

The Klotho gene is an age suppressor. When disrupted, it leads to premature aging syndromes. When over-expressed, it extends life. In other words, snow algae literally activates an anti-aging gene.

What is snow algae?

Snow algae (also called “red algae”) grows in freezing mountainous regions like the Alps, Sierra Nevada in California, and the Canadian Arctic. While most fresh-water algae would die in such harsh environments, snow algae thrives in the cold and is hardy enough to survive in these remote, freezing conditions.

We’ve known about snow algae for decades, but it’s become of particular interest to scientists as a marker of climate change. According to GLORY,  a 2016 study from the University of Leeds shows that snow algae is responsible for a dramatic increase in melting snow in the Arctic. As the snow algae grows, it absorbs light and heat from the sun, melting the snow around it. It can grow extremely rapidly in harsh conditions, sometimes multiplying 16 times in a day. 

WHAT has snow algae got to do with face cream?

In clinical trials, snow algae has proven to have significant anti-aging effects. Snow algae actually activates an anti-aging gene by stimulating the Klotho gene – an age suppressor. When under-stimulated, the Klotho gene leads to premature aging syndromes. When over-stimulated, it extends life. In other words, snow algae – when used in professional skin care products – over-expresses the Klotho gene to promote anti-aging activity.

Additionally, snow algae extract stimulates collagen production and reduces collagen loss, improving the papillary structure of skin & increasing skin hydration and eye wrinkle smoothing. Though it’s only just starting to hit the shelves, the cellular-level anti-aging potential of snow algae in Dr. Grandel’s BeautyGen line is sure to be a game changer in the world of skincare.

WHY incorporate snow algae into your clinical skin care practice?

While there are many skincare trends that come and go, snow algae is scientifically proven to stimulate anti-aging activity in the skin. Combining its anti-aging properties with its ability to protect our skin from harsh environmental influences, we believe that snow algae is a “must have” for the backbar of any esthetician. 

Fads in skincare come and go. At Biokosmetik of Texas, we take our role as skincare distributors seriously. It is our job to weed through the many claims (often unsubstantiated) and trends in the professional skin care industry. It is our belief that snow algae is a gift from nature and holds up to its anit-aging and protection claims. Give it a shot and see for yourselves.

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