Corrective, Visible Results.

Biokosmetik of Texas is proud to offer  BIODROGA SKIN CARE, a world leader in skincare technology, effectiveness, and customer loyalty.

Medically and scientifically based products with extreme care for beauty, esthetics and texture. Biodroga skin care carries on the therapeutic traditions of its home town, Baden-Baden, Germany, which is famous for its thermal springs.  Our products’ contain tried and tested biological ingredients, combined with those derived through cutting edge bio-engineering, to create the unique Biodroga experience.


BIODROGA skin care products are formulated with highly efficient and concentrated ingredients to provide everything your skin needs for a glowing, healthy complexion. Natural substances, active ingredients and plant-based protective mechanisms are combined through “bio-technology” – creating the immediate, visible effects known to BIODROG SKIN CARE. Our wide range targets anti-aging, protection, repair, moisture, improvement of skin texture, and conditioning. All protocols are customized to meet the needs of each individual.


Best Sellers

Soft, milky cleanser for normal and dry skin

Biodroga Milky Cleanser

Biodroga Milky Cleanser is a water-soluble formula that rinses off easily.  It gently, yet thoroughly, cleanses without drying out the skin.  It soothes and heals the skin, while optimizing the skin’s moisture level.

No mineral oil, parabens, PEG, silicones, or animal ingredients.  Dermatologically tested.

Creamy cleansing foram for normal and combination skin

Biodroga Cleansing Foam

Biodroga Cleansing Foam cleanses skin thoroughly, removes dirt particles and makeup.  It soothes mild irritation while preventing a dry, stretched feeling. Men like to shave with it. Teenagers love it.  Great to use with Clarisonic.

No mineral oil, parabens, PEG, silicones, or animal ingredients.  Dermatologically tested.

Silky cleansing oil for very dry skin

Biodroga Cleansing Oil

This gentle cleanser (for sensitive or very dry skin) is hydrophilic (water-soluble) which makes it great for removing waterproof makeup.  Extremely well suited for irritated, reddened skin as it conditions and soothes the skin.

No mineral oil, parabens, silicones, fragrance or animal ingredients.  Dermatologically tested.

Biodroga Lotion Mild

Biodroga Skin Lotion Mild is a mild cleansing lotion (toner) suitable for all skin type (except oily or impure). It is the ideal final stage in the cleansing ritual. Gently removes any remaining residues on the skin, such as flakes and excess sebum.

No mineral oil, parabens, silicones, PEG or animal ingredients.  Dermatologically tested.

We have used BIODROGA skin care in our clinic for nearly 18 years and we believe there is nothing to compare with the results and luxury it delivers.

Will & Peta

Skin Therapists

I suffer from minor-moderate rosacea and I no longer get the little pimple/pustules that I was plagued with for several years. I use this product year round and highly recommend it!


Biodroga Client

Biodroga is an excellent product line. I have used the products for years and at age 68 I still get compliments on my skin. I attribute this to Biodroga Skin Care Products.

Mary H.


Learn More About Biodroga Skin Care

Biodroga peels cleanse the skin from all kind of residues, excessive sebum and dead skin. Peels open the pores and intercellular spaces in the upper layers of the skin and prepare the skin for the penetration of active ingredients.

When skin is properly cleansed, vitamins, moisturizers and other vital ingredients can penetrate easily and effectively.

Active ingredients cannot penetrate dirty skin. They remain on the surface and combine with make-up residue, dirt, dead skin cells, etc., resulting in blocked pores and making it difficult for the skin to breath.  In contrast, well cleansed skin allows active ingredients to penetrate and produce the results you desire.

Cleansing TIPS.

• When the cleansing product has been rinsed off, the skin should not feel tight or show signs of reddening. It should feel fresh and clean.
• Use lukewarm water to work in the cleansing product. Hot water can overstimulate the skin, while cold water closes the pores and makes cleansing difficult.
• Take your time when cleansing – use gentle circling movements.
• When finished, thoroughly rinse off the product and use a facial toner/lotion that is right for your skin type.

Why use a facial toner/lotion?  

Toners/lotions help remove residue left behind by your cleansing product.
Note: A toner/lotion that contains alcohol is only recommended if the skin is prone to producing excessive amounts of sebum, otherwise, it can dry out the skin to such an extent that it loses its natural moisture balance.

Why exfoliate?

Exfoliation is the cosmetic practice of removing dead skin cells from the epidermis, the top layer of the skin. Your skin can shed 30,000 to 40,000 dead cells per minute naturally; however, many people need exfoliation products to help reduce acne, shed dead excess dead skin, etc. Exfoliators/peels clean the skin from residue, excessive sebum and dead cells. They open the pores and inter-cellular space in the upper layers of the skin and prepare the skin for the penetration of active ingredients. There are 3 types of exfoliators: mechanical, chemical and enzymatic. Biodroga carries all of these types of exfoliators.

HYPERPIGMENTATION is a common (usually harmless) condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color, forms deposits in the skin.

BIODROGA offers a wide range of AHA Peels that help with pigmentation, such as,  PreCare Fluid AHA (10% Glycolic Acid), Fruit Peeling (3% AHA), AHA Scrub (10% Glycolic Acid).  BIODROGA MD has an Anti-Pigment Serum and AHA Treatments (20% AHA, 30% AHA, 40% Glycolic Acid, 50% Glycolic Acid).  BIODROGA MD also has CC Creams that help to conceal pigmentation issues.

PURAN FORMULA – The System For Impure Skin

Impure skin is primarily caused by hormonal changes in the body, above all from male hormones (androgens). These hormones stimulate skin to produce excessive sebum production and sebum flow is disturbed due to clogged pores. Skin shows an unpleasant sheen; pimples and black heads develop. Moreover, bacteria find an excellent breeding ground on skin and inflammation may be the result. Impure skin does not only occur during puberty, but can also develop in the event of extreme stress and during pregnancy or menopause. Here, too, hormonal fluctuations lead to the unpleasant effects of impure skin.

PURAN FORMULA stimulates skin to counter existing impurities whether visible or concealed under skin. This may lead in the beginning to a transitional impairment of the skin tone. With regular and systematic use, a permanent improvement can be achieved within a short time.

Dermatologically tested.

A drink of water for the skin!

This effective moisturizing concept was inspired by the skin’s own mechanisms for maintaining moisture levels. The Bioactive Moisture Complex, made up of Hyaluronic Acid, Madecassoside and other selected active ingredients, is the ideal solution in the fight against moisture loss, tightness, and wrinkles caused by dryness. The ingredients in the INTENSE MOISTURE FORMULA function like a network that allows the skin’s natural moisture supply, penetration mechanisms and storage mechanisms to work effectively together. The skin will be hydrated down to the lower layers of the epidermis and skin turgor improves within just a few days.

Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) is reduced by the action of Special Beta Glucans. The stimulation of filaggrins helps to improve the integrity of the stratum corneum (horny layer), which in turn helps to protect the skin from negative environmental influences. Filaggrins are vital for skin cells to mature properly into the tough, flat corneocytes that form the outermost protective layer of our skin, known as the cornified cell envelope (CCE).  Meanwhile, the stimulation of aquaporins helps to release moisture from the skin’s own internal moisture sources. The penetration of moisture from the outside is optimally supported by the use of Hyaluronic Acid and Fucogel.

Ingredients:   Hyaluronic Acid, Madecassoside,  Special Beta Glucans and Fucogel.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Too little oxygen can leave skin looking tired and pale. Biodroga’s Oxygen Formula products are as vitalizing as a fresh breeze!  With this care your skin can breathe freely again.  Oxygen is appropriate for any age and skin type, except maybe impure skin (they should be using Biodroga Puran Formula Products).  Oxygen formula will brighten up dull looking skin.  All the oxygen products contain Bioactive Nutri Complex (Revitalin® and  Biopeptides). Revitalin® consists of sugar-protein compounds (glycopolypeptides). This substance activates the oxygen exchange between the skin cells and supports important metabolic processes in skin so that skin regains a fresh and rosy complexion. Biopeptides stimulate the production of collagen and strengthen the epidermis. They help to plump up first lines “from inside”.    

Biodroga’s Oxygen Formula products are good for everyone, but are especially beneficial for smokers, someone who has been ill or still is ill, before and after facial surgery or any invasive or non-invasive treatments, people who travel a lot or who do not get enough exercise and/or stay indoors most of the time. Everyone should use oxygen skincare products at least once a year. 

Age:  30+

An absolute “MUST” for all individuals who expose themselves to the sun and light (natural or artificial).

The Repair Complex in Biodroga Repair and Cell Formula activates and supports skin‘s own repair in the case of already existing light-induced skin damage.The Repair Complex consists of a Lactobacillic Extract (Bifidus Flora). It activates the natural repair function of light-damaged skin cells and supports the body’s own repair capacity up to 30 %. It prevents sun light induced cell damage and premature wrinkles, while smoothing skin.

These products prevent light-induced premature skin aging and improve already existing lines and wrinkles.  It also supports the restoring of skin when it is thrown off balance.  Ectoin is a fascinating substance, formed by micro-organisms, in order to survive in stress situations; such as high temperatures, dryness and UV radiation.  Ectoin, the “high- tech organic cell protector” stabilizes skin’s own immune defense and improves its natural protective mechanisms. It protects against environmental damage and helps in the event of intensive sun radiation. At the same time, it acts like a water reservoir, preventing moisture loss and premature, environmentally induced skin aging process.  These ingredient components are rounded out by a Peptide Complex and Grape Seed Oil.  The Peptide Complex consists of Tripeptides, combined with Fatty Acids.  The Peptide Complex penetrates the skin quickly.  It improves the skin’s resistance, builds up the moisture content, activates collagen creation and promotes skin’s elasticity, resistance and a healthy appearance.  Grape Seed Oil has a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6.  Grape Seed Oil conditions and smooths the skin. Sun-stressed skin will look younger, smoother and firmer and feel silky and supple.

• Provides skin with a perfect all-round protection.
• Improves skin’s resistance and protects skin’s own stem cells and their vitality.
• Protects skin against the harmful influences of free radicals.
• Improves skin’s resilience and elasticity.
• Balances skin’s lipid and moisture level.
• Diminishes lines and wrinkles.
• Imparts a velvety-soft skin feel.

Dermatologically tested.

Gentle treatment for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be a real problem. It can be itchy, scaly, and red. Often it feels tight or even burns and breaks out in pimples.

But why is the skin so sensitive? If it is undamaged and well moisturized, it’s barrier function should work properly. The acid mantle should be able to neutralize bacteria and environmental pollution. The horny layer should form a protective wall with cells, lipids and water that create a virtually impenetrable barrier. But if there is a breach of this protective wall, the skin can become “out of balance” and react by displaying the usual signs of sensitivity.

The use of excessively hot water can really soften the acid mantle, meaning that important lipids are lost and the skin dries out. Hormonal changes, an unhealthy lifestyle or extreme weather conditions can also knock the skin out of balance.

This is why it is so important to use a range of skincare products that is specially designed for sensitive skin. Once you have found a range of products that seems to work and your skin starts to feels better, it is important not to constantly change products. Too many different active ingredients from different skincare products make it difficult for the skin to settle down.

BIODROGA has carefully selected the active ingredients for the SENSITIVE FORMULA range in order to reduce skin sensitivity, restore skin’s natural balance and improve it’s protective function.

All the products in the range are also pH-neutral and free from preservatives such as parabens, coloring agents and perfumes.  Dermatologically Tested.

Dermatologically tested.

After the first use of AGE PERFORMANCE FORMULA, the skin will feel wonderfully supple and has a more radiant, firm, even and have a nourished appearance.  Fantastic formulations of high-quality active ingredients offer the skin unsurpassed care and comfort, pure indulgence, and unique effects with visible results – and absolute well-being!  These products are lightweight and have a delicate texture and combined with the body’s natural warmth, upon use, unfold into a velvety smoothness.  The unique combination of ingredients perfectly meets the needs of extremely demanding skin and discerning skin-care customers. Dermatologically tested.
The ANTI-AGE CELL FORMULA product range is ideal for individuals between ages 30 and 40. Plant Stem Cells protect the longevity of skin’s own stem cells and stimulate their activity. The combination of Plant Stem Cells and Biopeptides in the Bioactive Anti-Age Complex perfectly counteract chronological skin aging. Collagen and elastin fibers are protected and skin gains structure and firmness. Already existing fine lines and wrinkles diminish, while dryness lines become smoother.  The ANTI-AGE CELL FORMULAproduct range provides lavish moisture for the skin and protection against moisture loss. Furthermore, it imparts an instant smooth and silky-soft feeling. The whole series guarantees optimal skin tolerance and is pH-neutral.

Dermatologically tested.

At age 20, we usually do not care about skin aging. A few years later, we look in the mirror and wonder why our skin looks so tired all over a sudden! Skin does not age overnight.

The BIODROGA ENERGIZE & PERFECT line was developed for this first group in the anti-aging area. The 5 innovative products of this line masterfully cope with the first signs of skin aging, around the age of 25+. The 24-Hour Care products and the Eye Care offer an instantly visible wrinkle filler effect.

Green Coffee Extract helps boost metabolism and has draining properties to keep skin from looking puffy.

Dermatologically tested.

GLOBAL ANTI-AGE FORMULA is BIODROGA’s premium anti-age product range for skin after the age of 50.

The older and more stressed that skin becomes, the slower the process of skin cell renewal. Natural levels of epidermal growth factor (EGF) tend to decline and there is a reduction in the number of collagen and elastin fibers. As a result, the skin loses its tone and elasticity.  The body’s natural Hyaluronic Acid content and the skin’s own ability to bind moisture also decline with each passing year. The skin becomes thinner, slacker and more wrinkled.

What should an effective anti-aging product range be able to do for the skin after the age of 50?

The products should be able to help regenerate the skin, reduce wrinkle depth, promote skin cell growth and provide valuable moisture in order to make it appear fresher and more youthful. In one form or another, Peptides have become some of the most popular active ingredients in modern cosmetics over recent years on account of their anti-aging properties. Their ability to act as chemical messengers has proven especially beneficial for more mature skin. When delivered using liposomal encapsulation, the Peptides are able to reach those parts of the skin where their ability to stimulate skin regeneration shows real results. Put simply, they can penetrate the skin much more easily and do their work much more effectively than if they are simply applied to the upper surface of the epidermis.  Meanwhile, Plant Stem Cell Extracts help to maximize the effectiveness of the Peptides.

Global Anti-Age Complex combines EDP3 (oligopeptides) and Argan Stem Cells for a sustainable anti-aging effect. The formation of new skin cells and skin’s own elastin are stimulated by means of the innovative EDP3. Liposome encapsulated EDP stimulates cell proliferation, improves skin’s moisture content and stimulates the formation of elastin. Encapsulated Oligopeptides stimulate the growth of skin cells. Formation of natural Hyaluronic Acid is improved and the moisture depots of skin are replenished. Skin becomes tighter and more elastic again, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and facial features appear more contoured.

  • Improves the natural concentration of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) by 27%.
  • Increases the level of elastin by 130%.
  • Intensifies concentration of Hyaluronic Acid by 300%.

No paraben, mineral oil, PEG, silicone or animal ingredients. Dermatologically tested.

Luxury and pure indulgence for the sophisticated woman!

GOLDEN CAVIAR by Biodroga: innovation, optimum effectiveness, an amazing care experience and a beautiful feel on the skin. This range of products is a BEST SELLER.  Perfect for individuals 30+ years of age.

GOLDEN CAVIAR consists of 4 care products which you can use individually, in addition to your usual products, and/or as special conditioners.

Caviar Extract is included in all four products. This luxurious ingredient is said to be able to activate the metabolism of skin cells and the skin’s microcirculation. Caviar Extract smooths lines and wrinkles and prevents the premature aging process that is due to environmental factors. Caviar promotes the binding of moisture in the skin and balances out the moisture levels. The skin looks will look more even and receive perfect care with these products.

Caviar Extract is integrated into all four products in this line. Caviar carries the mysterious power of the sea with pure luxury. It activates skin cell metabolism and skin micro-circulation, softens lines and wrinkles and helps prevent premature skin aging due to environmental factors. Caviar Extract promotes the skin‘s ability to bind moisture and balances moisture levels. It’s excellent effect results in the complexion appearing more balanced, even and radiant. Additional select ingredients used in some products augment and supplement the effect of the caviar, making its effect complete. Soy Protein recreates the physiological balance of your skin, increases it’s moisture content and stimulates skin functions. Shea Butter optimizes the skin‘s ability to bind moisture. Lactic Acid Bacterium Lysate gives the skin valuable protection against processes triggered by sunlight and environmental factors, prevents sun damage and the adverse effects of free radicals, and boosts the skin’s immune system. It also supports the skin‘s natural regenerative process.

Dermatologically tested.

The skincare line LOTUS & SCIENCE from BIODROGA is excitingly female and ultimately seductive. A natural beauty was selected as principal ingredient for the luxurious skincare line from BIODROGA: the perfect Lotus Flower. In this LOTUS & SCIENCE product line, nature interacts with science and lifestyle. The extraordinary care results were proven in a long-term efficiency test: after 6 months, a 61% reduction of wrinkle depth was reported.
We all want to immerse in a protective oasis of calmness and well-being where we can fill up new energy, far away from our hectic everyday lives. Your skin can have this now. The Lotus Flower, admired because of its perfection, is not only gracious, it also has valuable talents. Its extract is considered as a harmonizing ingredient, imparting clearness and purity to skin. LOTUS & SCIENCE is like a beauty oasis, exotic and tempting, with an unbeatable effect.
Biodroga Special Care Throat And Décolleté Treatment Cream is designed to increase skin elasticity and restore moisture for a firmer and smoother appearance of the throat and décolleté. The rich cream delays and reduces signs of aging, firms wrinkled skin and strengthens and firms the “supportive” tissue of the décolleté. It regulates and strongly retains skin moisture.

  • Delays and diminishes signs of aging.
  • Has a firming anti-wrinkle effect.
  • Strengthens and firms skin.
  • Supports décolleté tissue.
  • Regulates and intensively retains skin moisture.
  • Conditions and smooths dry skin of throat and décolleté.

 Application:  After thorough morning and evening cleansing, stretch throat and apply Throat- and Décolleté Treatment.  Massage cream in using light, circular motions and working downwards from the chin.

Main Ingredients:  Wheat Protein, Bio-Bustyl®, Hydraprotectol SM®, Codiavelane®, Avocado Oil

No animal ingredients, mineral oil or paraben. Dermatologist tested.

If the energy depots are inactive, there is but one solution: make them active! The best start may be a visit of a spa. The right fragrance combined with sophisticated product concepts can do small wonders.

The BIODROGA ENERGIZING LINE has a stimulating effect on body and soul. The application of the products inspire individuals to lead an active lifestyle. This line has a scent of fresh and vivifying lemon and green tea.

The description on the packaging, “lemon and green tea“ hints that this line promises pure refreshment. The lemon fragrance is pure and vivid and is excellently rounded out by the aroma of green tea. Pure revitalization of the body and all senses.

Almost every woman suffers from problem zones. And nowadays, more than ever, a well-groomed appearance is a must. Of course, a visit in a beauty spa and the use of highly efficient cosmetics are always combined with the recommendation of balanced food, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.  The innovative body care products of the PERFORMANCE LINE pointedly treat skin problems like unpleasant dimples on the buttocks and thighs or (extremely) dry body skin.

For the care of the so-called problem zones, the BIODROGA BODY SPA PERFORMANCE line offers a wide range of products with ingredients specially tailored to an efficient conditioning and improvement of these zones.

No parabens, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or synthetic colorants.

Biodroga Fitness Wrap & Detox Mud Pack helps prevent cellulite, supports the skin‘s purification process, reduces water retention, promotes lymphatic activity, helps the body eliminate toxins and results in a soft and supple skin.

Biodroga Aroma Algae Wrap relaxes and vitalizes the body, firms the body contours, improves the appearance of cellulite and spider veins and supports the detoxification and purification processes in the skin.

Biodroga Silky Cashmere Body Pack envelops the skin like pure cashmere, moisturizes and improves moisture balance with long-lasting effects, revitalizes skin functions, strengthens the skin‘s resistance and protective function and is a luxurious treat for body, spirit and soul.

Biodroga Milk and Honey Wrap is the most intensive skin care that pampers dry skin, removes dry dead skin cells, reduces tautness and improves skin elasticity. It activates skin metabolism and makes skin feel velvety-soft.

Biodroga’s Massage Products balance the skin‘s lipid and moisture content, support skin cell regeneration, nourish and smooth the skin, support the skin‘s protective mechanisms, provide a soft and supple skin feel and result in an unforgettable treatment experience.

Biodroga MD Lipolaser Body Oil is a mixture of essential oils that reduce cellulite and firm the body. It supports the natural metabolic activity, improves elasticity due to enhanced micro-circulation, strengthens skins resilience, helps excrete metabolic wastes and supports tissue drainage.

Biodroga Anti-Cellulite Cream – for a well-shaped silhouette. The skin-firming high-performance formula efficiently counters problem zones. With regular use, the appearance of cellulite is diminished and development of more cellulite is prevented.

Biodroga Rich Body Cream is a rich anti-aging formulation that firms and pampers dry, demanding skin. Delicate golden pigments impart a light shimmer while lotus flower extract leaves skin looking perfectly pure and supple. Choice ingredients, in combination with the creamy formulation, offer a real conditioning and wellness effect. The body lotion is well absorbed and leaves a velvety-soft feeling skin. It improves skin’s resilience; protects against environmentally-induced, premature skin aging; increases skin’s moisture-binding capacity; and leaves a delicate golden shimmer on the body.

Biodroga Shower Gel is a mild and creamy foam that cleanses the skin gently and thoroughly, protects skin against drying out and leaves a pleasant, relaxed feeling skin. This gel makes the skin soft and supple, has a great fresh-fruity scent and imparts vitalizing freshness.

CONCENTRATES, SERUMS AND BOOSTERS are skincare products that you can apply to your skin after cleansing but before moisturizing with the intent of delivering powerful ingredients directly into the skin. They are particularly suited to this task because they are made up of smaller molecules than creams, and therefore, can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns like wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydration, etc.  The active ingredients are usually more concentrated than what you’ll find in a moisturizing cream

No matter what our day looks like, whether it is stressful or calm, whether the night was relaxing or we did not sleep well at all, we always expect our skin to look at it’s best and full of radiance.  Concentrates allow us to systematically meet the small, permanently changing needs and the existing deficits of skin. Whether you have a professional treatment or do-it-yourself treatment at home – the result is powerful and shows immediately.


Skin obtains an advance portion of care and is stimulated to perform at its best.  Concentrates are so important because they enhance the success of your treatment.

  • Skin’s deficits will show during the treatment. Concentrates will quickly and effectively compensate them.
  • Offer Concentrate cures for at least over 7 days.
  • Always place Concentrates in a way that they are at sight of the consumer, since they are also a nice idea for a gift.
  • If the consumer talks about her forthcoming vacation or if she complains about recently increased wrinkles or capillary dilation – Concentrates are always a quick solution in addition to the usual care product.

BIODROGA’S CONCENTRATES:  In the beauty salon:  Following the skin-specific cleansing and exfoliation, the entire Concentrate (3 ml) are worked into skin. The facial contours are treated more intensively.  At home:  Following cleansing, apply the Concentrate on skin, throat and décolleté and massage in. Preferably, the entire content of the Concentrate is used during every application. Alternatively, half of the Concentrate can be used in the morning and the other half in the evening. Follow with normal skincare. The cure should be applied at least over 7 days. The active ingredients are applied to skin in a high concentration reaching a long-lasting effect.


How much do we HATE dark circles beneath the eyes? Think about those dreaded puffy bags that sit under our eyes like pillows…pillows that do make us look 20 years older than we are. Last but most certainly not least, the lines and wrinkles around our eyes could possibly be the most stubborn to eliminate. For all these reasons, choosing the most useful eye cream or eye gel can be a life-saving endeavor. The contours of the eyes and lips are particularly delicate areas and require specially formulated products. For these sensitive areas, Biodroga offers specific skincare products that reduce dark circles and under-eye puffiness, smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, and nourish, hydrate, and protect the lips.


Hands are our tools and they allow us to carry out daily tasks in the home, at work and in the garden. But we all too often neglect them, leaving them defenseless to the environment and in poor condition.  Your hands are one of the first places to show any signs of aging. Using a hand cream is the best way to repair and restore damaged hands, ensuring that they not only look younger but feel softer too.  The skin on the back of your hands is decidedly different to the skin on your palms. The skin on top of your hands is much thinner and has less sebaceous glands, meaning it can become dry very quickly. In comparison, the skin on your palms is a lot thicker, so in order for moisture to penetrate this area, a hand cream needs to be rich and full of moisture binding ingredients.  Everyday tasks, exposure to water, chemicals and severe temperatures are the main cause of damage to the hands.  Water is naturally drying for the skin, so even something as mundane as washing up without wearing gloves can cause more harm than good. Hands can become dry, cracked and painful, and are just as much of a problem for men as for women. Simply adding one product to your daily routine can completely change the condition of your hands, so the sooner you start using a hand cream, the sooner you will see results.

The closest thing to a gift from heaven – perfect makeup for a complexion like velvet and silk. Creamy-soft or sheer fluid – the MAKE-UP series is a high-performance combination of conditioning substances and effective ingredients. With light protection filters to protect from light-induced skin aging.  BB, CC and DD Creams are multi-talented and have become extremely popular.

BIODROGA MD Daily Defense DD Cream, SPF 25, provides a perfect, natural looking complexion and acts as an effective protective shield against skin aging caused by oxidation. It combines the properties of a BB and a CC Cream. Biodroga MD’s DD Cream promises an anti-oxidative effect; counters the signs of premature skin-aging, as well as, elasticity loss; supplies moisture; perfects the complexion and protects skin against UV stress. DD Cream, SPF 25, from BIODROGA MD is available in light and dark tones and perfectly adapts to the corresponding skin type. BIODROGA MD DD Cream SPF 25 Daily Defense offers care, protection and a beautifying effect all year long.

BIODROGA MD Color Correction CC Cream, SPF 20, Color Correction will give you a conditioned and an even skin tone. The CC cream converts into a light make-up foundation when applied to skin and adapts itself to any skin tone! The CC Cream is moisturizing and anti-aging and has a SPF 20 (UVA and UVB rays). It covers up skin tone flaws, pigmentation and redness. When applying the product, the encapsulated color pigments in the emulsion, open and provide for a naturally looking and even skin tone with light coverage. Light-refracting pigments conceal fine lines leaving a radiant and even skin tone. It comes in 2 shades.

BIODROGA PURAN BB Cream, SPF 15, not only provides an optical concealing effect but also offers intensive nourishment. This BB Cream is for individuals with impure skin, whether dry or oily. It is also perfect for individuals with oily skin, who do not have impurities but want to control the shine. The skin appears velvety soft while light-reflecting pigments make irregularities disappear. The skin is protected against free radicals and normal UV radiation. Its defensive function is boosted and it is supported in the transport and depot storage of valuable moisture. The BB Cream soothes slight redness or irritation, prevents inflammatory processes and makes the skin look matted.

Anti-Age Liquid Makeup is rich and conditioning. It leaves skin supple for hours and the complexion appearing flawless and smooth. The Anti-Age Liquid Makeup reliably covers imperfections, optically smooths facial features, provides a youthful shimmer, protects skin against UV rays with SPF 20 and additionally has firming skin care properties.

Anti-Age Soft Focus Makeup,with Functional Filler Powder, offers a completely new optical and sensory make-up experience. BIODROGA Anti-Age Soft Focus Makeup provides medium coverage and promises a natural, even looking complexion. It is perfect for regular makeup users, or those who previously just used a tinted moisturizer.  It spreads evenly and seamlessly, leaving an optimal result. The Soft Focus Effect acts like a softener and instantly conceals fine lines and skin irregularities.

Many skin problems are due to the harmful effects of sun radiation. UV light, frequently over-dosed, may damage the cell nucleus of the DNA, attack the protective cell membrane of the skin cells and cause inflammatory processes such as redness, swellings or painful formation of blisters – being the different pre-stages of a sun burn. UVA and UVB rays both lead to biological modifications in the skin. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to include a protection against both UV-ray types in a sun-protection product.

Skin has it’s own natural defense mechanisms in order to protect itself against damages caused by UV radiation: The horny layer acts as a  “natural“ UV filter and is able to absorb or reflect approximately 10% of the UVB and  50% of the UVA rays. With the increasing exposure to radiation, the horny layer becomes thicker. Melanin – also a natural defense mechanism – is developed in the deeper skin layers and absorbs and/or spreads there. In the event of longer lasting exposure to sun, there are modifications in the blood circulation – including widening of the vessels (erythema), increased melanin formation (tanning of skin or hyper-pigmentation) and cell renewal (when the skin starts to flake).  These reactions to excessive exposure to sun show that the skin tries to repair UV damage.  Chronic UV damages may lead to premature, light-induced skin aging and at worse – to skin cancer.

There are two general types of sunscreens, physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens use physical UV filters, while chemical sunscreens use chemical UV filters. Both physical and chemical sunscreens will do a great job at protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays, as long as you apply them correctly every morning and reapplying throughout the day

PHYSICAL SUNSCREENS contain active mineral ingredients, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which work by sitting on top of the skin to deflect and scatter damaging UV rays away from the skin. Titanium dioxide protects against UVB rays, but not the full spectrum of UVA rays.  Zinc oxide protects against the entire spectrum of UVB and UVA rays.

Pros of physical sunscreens

  • Offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays and is naturally broad spectrum.
  • Protects from the sun as soon as it’s applied, no wait needed.
  • Lasts longer when in direct UV light (but NOT when doing physical activities that cause the skin to get wet or sweat).
  • Less likely to cause a stinging irritation on the skin, making it better for sensitive skin than a chemical sunscreen.
  • Better for those with heat-activated skin (like those with rosacea and redness) since it deflects the heat and energy given off by the sun away from the skin.
  • Less likely to be pore-clogging, making it ideal for blemish-prone skin types.
  • Better for people that tend to hyper-pigment.
  • Can apply above or below makeup and skincare.

Cons of physical sunscreens

  • Can be less protective if not applied generously and accurately since UV light can get between the sunscreen molecules and get into the skin.
  • Needs to be applied often during the day.

CHEMICAL SUNSCREENS contain organic (carbon-based) compounds that create a chemical reaction and work by changing UV rays into heat and then releasing that heat from the skin.

Pros of chemical sunscreens

  • Less is needed to protect the skin because there is no risk of spaces between the sunscreen molecules after application.

Cons of chemical sunscreens

  • Requires about 20 minutes after application before it begins to work.
  • The protection it offers gets used up more quickly when in direct UV light, so reapplication must be more frequent.
  • Increased chance of redness for rosacea-prone skin types because it changes UV rays into heat which can exacerbate flushing.
  • May clog the pores for people with oily skin.
  • Can cause stinging if it drips into the eyes from sweat.
  • Must apply directly after toning skin or after using a water based serum – such as Vitamin C. Must make sure the serum is absorbed before applying the sunscreen.

Important: with chemical sunscreens you must apply the sunscreen directly on the skin, not over a moisturizer.  

Which SPF number is the best to use?  Higher numbers on labels are more about marketing.  The FDA is proposing to ban sunscreens that are labeled with an SPF number higher than 50, since there is no scientific evidence showing that they offer any more protection than lower numbers.  SPF 30 – SPF 50 are recommended.