Our skin is renewed every 28 days ~ leaving dead skin cells, which can lead to a pale complexion and clogged pores. For the skin to shine again, dead skin cells should be removed regularly and the natural process of skin renewal must be activated. How best to support your skin’s renewal process? With the new organic AHA products from BIO: VÉGANE SKINFOOD!

Organic papaya – for all skin types

The Power Superfood Organic Papaya is packed with vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene and supports cell regeneration. It minimizes lines and wrinkles and has an antioxidant effect. All BIO: VÉGANE papaya products contain AHA acids in different concentrations, which bring back the radiance of the skin with a fine peeling effect! 

AHA? Ahaa!

BIO: VÉGANE natural AHA acid (derived from papaya extract) is NATRUE® certified, vegan and suitable for all skin types. With a peeling effect, BIO: VÉGANE papaya products:

  • Promote skin cell renewal
  • Bind moisture, leaving skin hydrated
  • Diminish pigmentation marks
  • Have a positive effect on blemished skin, as well as deeper acne scars 


All products contain AHA acid, composed of:

  • Glycolic acid (= from sugar cane): Quickly and easily gets into the top layers of the skin and makes for healthier skin
  • Citric Acid: Regulates the pH of the skin to a tolerable, beauty-efficient level
  • Tartaric acid: Supports other exfoliating substances and helps the skin achieve the perfect PH level