dr. grandel skin care

Dr. Grandel™ Skincare

Dr. Grandel Skin Care – Concentrated Nutrients Efficiently Delivered To The Skin.

For over 65 years, DR. GRANDEL has been very successful in developing and manufacturing active concentrate ampoules for the professional beauty market. This background has provided us with considerable expertise in this category of skin care products.

In professional skin care, beauty extracts in glass ampoules have become virtually indispensable. The advantages of this type of packaging are obvious: it allows concentrated nutrients to be delivered to the skin and, at the same time, to keep the concentration of preservatives at a minimum. In addition, ampoules are safe to us.

Give the skin a boost with oxygen, hyaluronic acid, retinol, moisture or any of other targetted skincare solutions.

In addition to our concentrated line of ampoules, DR. GRANDEL offers a full range of skincare deeply committed to nature and the environment. Our full line blends science and nature to address all skin types.  Included in this range is our 100% organic line – Elements of Nature.


Dr. Grandel BeautyXpress professional skin care


Dr. Grandel Elements of Nature - 100% Organic Professional skin care

Elements of Nature - 100% Organic

Dr. Grandel Hydro Active Professional skin Care

Hydro Active Repair

Dr. Grandel Nutri-Sensation Professional Skin Care

Dr. Grandel Nutri-Sensation

Many plants have been valued for their powerful healing and caring properties for as long as records exist. But it was only in more recent times that nature orientated science found a way to provide skin care products featuring plant extracts that still possess their natural qualities and efficiency. DR. GRANDEL skin care offers science in harmony with nature.

DR. GRANDEL skin care is not an end in itself but a means to serve people and society as a whole. That is why we always endeavour to conserve resources and employ environmentally friendly processes. At the same time, DR. GRANDEL also actively contributes to society through cultural and social sponsoring.