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Biokosmetik of Texas partners with Bee Line Industries for all your waxing supplies, lash accessories, lash and brow perm/tint supplies, and esthetician equipment. Feel free to browse their supply store and mention Biokosmetik of Texas as your referral source.

Depilatory Wax
(Blue Pearl Wax, Berodin Wax, Nacach Wax, Satin Smooth Wax, Gigi Wax, Flora Wax, Depileve Wax)

Cotton Orchid
(The Magic Scrub, Wax Supplies, Cotton Supplies, Nail Supplies, Equipment and Tools)

Modern Lash
(Individual Lashes, Lash Tray, Accessories, Lash Adhesives, Lash Kits)

Lash Perm & Tint
(Tintocil Brow Tint, Tintocil Vi’Vid, Refectocil Cream Tint, Refectocil Sensitive Tint, Refectocil Lash Curl Lashperm, Mina Ibrow Henna)

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