The Original GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling

A natural winner.

The worldwide successful original GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling treatment helps thousands of people to get a beautiful, healthy skin – in a completely natural way. 3 treatment methods, developed by a dermatologist, provide visible and sustainable results.

3 Levels. Unlimited Results.

Want to address chronic skin issues?

GREEN PEEL® is a problem solver.

With the 3 dermatologically developed GREEN PEEL® treatment methods, certified professionals can successfully treat various skin problems in a natural way – without using any devices or damaging ingredients. 

You determine the strength

3 treatment levels – with and without peeling effect

Differentiate Yourself

Exclusively offered by certified professionals

Address Skin Issues Naturally

Purely natural, without acids or chemical additives

Before & After

Acne Series

Before and After for Fitzpatrick 6

3 Classic Green Peels, Glowin Skin Bar, Houston, Texas 

Before and After

Acne Series

Before & After

Hyper-pigmentation Series

Curious how the Green Peel® is done?

Watch this video

Curious how to get certified in the Green Peel®?

Attend a one day online training and four-hour in person training, houston, texas

Get Certified

Attend our hybrid certification – Partially online, partially in-person (at various venues around the country).

ONE Full Day Online
ONE Half Day In-Person

*In-person training is scheduled based on your (and our) availability at various venues around the country. 4 people per training.

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How much does the certification cost?

$250 CERTIFICATION + $1499.39 OPENING ORDER = $1749.39
(+Tax might be applied)

TO BE FULLY PAID 2 weeks prior to webinar.

A deposit of $500 is required to register for this class. The balance is due 2 weeks before webinar.

All costs could increase at any time due to higher costs of goods.

Register at 800-729-1242

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