THE BIODROGA RELAXING LINE offers relaxing and indulging body care products that relax the stressed body & mind.

The relaxing fragrance composition of Jasmin and Cedar Wood, make you immediately forget all the hustle & bustle of your daily life.

Jasmine belongs to the Olive family. The scent of Jasmine has a strong, honey-like, sweet intense, floral aroma; with fruity, herbaceous undertones. Jasmine soothes and encourages intuition. The fragrance is said to have an aphrodisiac effect.

The noble Cedar Wood originates from the cedar, which belongs to the Pine family. Cedar emits a strong and tangy wooden scent. It is characterized by a velvety and warm nature. Cedar Wood has a harmonizing effect and gives clarity, resulting in inner balance. In combination, it could strengthen the aphrodisiac effect of Jasmin.

No parabens or mineral oils. Not tested on animals. Dermatologically driven.

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