A Breath of Fresh Air
Too little oxygen can leave skin looking tired and pale. Biodroga’s Oxygen Formula products are as vitalizing as a fresh breeze! With this care your skin can breathe freely again. Oxygen is appropriate for any age and skin type, except maybe impure skin (they should be using Biodroga Puran Formula Products). Oxygen formula will brighten up dull looking skin. All the oxygen products contain Bioactive Nutri Complex (Revitalin® and Biopeptides). Revitalin® consists of sugar-protein compounds (glycopolypeptides). This substance activates the oxygen exchange between the skin cells and supports important metabolic processes in skin so that skin regains a fresh and rosy complexion. Biopeptides stimulate the production of collagen and strengthen the epidermis. They help to plump up first lines “from inside”.

Biodroga’s Oxygen Formula products are good for everyone, but are especially beneficial for smokers, someone who has been ill or still is ill, before and after facial surgery or any invasive or non-invasive treatments, people who travel a lot or who do not get enough exercise and/or stay indoors most of the time. Everyone should use oxygen skincare products at least once a year.

Age: 30+

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