When skin is properly cleansed, vitamins, moisturizers and other vital ingredients can penetrate easily and effectively.

Active ingredients cannot penetrate dirty skin. They remain on the surface and combine with make-up residue, dirt, dead skin cells, etc., resulting in blocked pores and making it difficult for the skin to breath. In contrast, well cleansed skin allows active ingredients to penetrate and produce the results you desire.

Cleansing TIPS.

• When the cleansing product has been rinsed off, the skin should not feel tight or show signs of reddening. It should feel fresh and clean.
• Use lukewarm water to work in the cleansing product. Hot water can overstimulate the skin, while cold water closes the pores and makes cleansing difficult.
• Take your time when cleansing – use gentle circling movements.
• When finished, thoroughly rinse off the product and use a facial toner/lotion that is right for your skin type.

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