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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be a real problem. It can be itchy, scaly, and red. Often it feels tight or even burns and breaks out in pimples.

But why is the skin so sensitive? If it is undamaged and well moisturized, it’s barrier function should work properly. The acid mantle should be able to neutralize bacteria and environmental pollution. The horny layer should form a protective wall with cells, lipids and water that create a virtually impenetrable barrier. But if there is a breach of this protective wall, the skin can become “out of balance” and react by displaying the usual signs of sensitivity.

The use of excessively hot water can really soften the acid mantle, meaning that important lipids are lost and the skin dries out. Hormonal changes, an unhealthy lifestyle or extreme weather conditions can also knock the skin out of balance.

This is why it is so important to use a range of skincare products that is specially designed for sensitive skin. Once you have found a range of products that seems to work and your skin starts to feels better, it is important not to constantly change products. Too many different active ingredients from different skincare products make it difficult for the skin to settle down.

We have carefully selected products that reduce skin sensitivity, restore skin’s natural balance and improve it’s protective function.

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