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Biodroga Energize & Perfect Eye Care Fluid

Available to licensed professionals only. To order, please apply for wholesale acct.

BIODROGA ENERGIZE & PERFECT Refreshing Eye Fluid conceals fine lines, prevents aging, reduces puffiness and deeply moisturizes the eye area.  It diminishes skin damage, binds moisture in skin and is characterized by it’s smoothing effect.  It has a “slimming effect” and counters water deposits. It gives a “lifting” effect and is efficient against dryness lines, crows’ feet and dark circles under the eyes.

All skin type, except sensitive.

Apply to cleansed eye contours and pat in gently.

.3 oz.

Vitamin E Acetate, Matrix Peptides, Green Coffee, BeautifeyeTM, Codiavelane®

CONCEALING: Fine lines disappear immediately due to light-refracting pigments.

ANTI-AGING: Vitamin E Acetate diminishes skin damage caused by UV radiation, binds moisture in skin and is characterized by it’s smoothing effect. Vitamin E Acetate is the ideal vitamin for a beautiful textured, more elastic and firmer skin. Matrix Peptides support skin in the formation of new collagen. They provide firmer connective tissues, increase elasticity and help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

ANTI-PUFFINESS & CONTOURING: Green Coffee has a “slimming effect” and counters water deposits. This ingredient is supported in its effect by the highly efficient extracts of BeautifeyeTM. They have a “lifting” effect and support cosmetic firming of the upper eyelid. Crows feet, circles under the eyes and puffiness appear diminished.

MOISTURIZING: Codiavelane® imparts a moisture kick to the eye contours. Algae Extract hydrates the entire epidermis and protects the skin against dehydration. Skin around the eyes looks smoother instantly. This product also has a long-term effect.

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