Dr. Grandel Alpha Ampoule (Timeless)

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DR. GRANDEL TIMELESS Alpha Ampoule is a restructuring concentrate with an instant anti-wrinkle effect. Impulse Enzymes give an impressive stimulus for faster cell renewal and leave the skin looking youthful and revitalized. Oat Extract assists in skin cell renewal and strengthens the skin’s resistance to environmental influences. Additionally, Liposomes provide smoothing properties, enhance the skin’s moisture level and assist it’s ability to regenerate itself.

  • restructuring
  • anti-wrinkle effect
  • faster cell renewal
  • leaves the skin looking youthful and revitalized.
  • strengthens the skin’s resistance to environmental influences
  • smoothing properties
  • enhance the skin’s moisture level
  • assist skin’s ability to regenerate itself.

Age:  35+

TARGET GROUP:  the main problems for this customer are changes in the skin’s structure, rough spots and wrinkles.  She desires a firm, harmonized and even complexion.  She prefers products that guarantee a quick and effective solution due to their highly concentrated active ingredients.  Immediately visible results are as important to her as a sustainable outcome.

TIP:  Quicker and better results can be achieved with an advanced fruit acid peeling.  For this, apply Grandel Alpha Effect AHA Peeling 20 and leave on for 10 minutes.  Then dab the ampoule content into the skin. Finalize with suitable skin care cream and sunscreen.  You can enhance the treatment  even more by applying the Dr. Grandel Mousse Cocoon Mask or Dr. Grandel Basic Mask Powder.  Due to their occlusive effect, the masks ensure that the active ingredients will significantly penetrate into the skin more deeply.

TO USE:  You can use every day or as a special treatment. Spread entire contents to face, neck and décolleté after cleansing. Avoid eye area.  Afterwards, apply a DR. GRANDEL moisturizer cream.

PROFESSIONAL USE:  cannot use with Iontophoresis.  Ultrasound not necessary.

 Impulse Enzymes, Oat Extract, Liposomes


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