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Jocelyn Roth

I started this company in 1983 in Houston Texas.

Who we are

Premium Skincare for Professionals

Biokosmetik of Texas offers corrective, professional skincare lines for estheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other licensed medical professionals. We partner with them to make sure they are fully trained and set up for success. At Biokosmetik of Texas, our mission is to help estheticians and skincare professionals thrive in our competitive, “ever-changing” industry. We keep skincare professionals at the forefront of skincare trends, evidence-based results, business-building techniques and skincare technology.
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Our journey

Beauty Unfolds in Every Step of the Journey

My career as a skincare professional began in Johannesburg, South Africa where I got my esthetician license. I always loved helping others and this was the ideal way since I loved skincare. I had 3 small children at home. In 1977, we immigrated to the USA. This move opened up a whole new world for my entrepreneurial spirit – opportunities began to present themselves in a way that I never had in South Africa.

Exploring the Depths of Journeys

A twist of fate – a chance meeting on a cruise – led me to the importer of a line that I loved in South Africa. Within months of speaking with them, I was offered the Texas distribution. Having recently suffered from a difficult divorce, I did not have the means to start a new business. However, I knew my future was in my hands. If I were to build the life I wanted for me and my children, I would need to take control of my livelihood.
I borrowed a significant amount of money from the bank (yikes), opened my doors and waited for customers to arrive. This did not happen!!! I was young and scared but quickly learned that if I was to realize success, I would need to go beyond my comfort level. Knowing only a few people and coming from a very different culture, the task was ominous. However, I picked myself up and began knocking on doors – yes, cold calling!
The 80’s was the beginning of the skincare boom and I was lucky to hit a stride. My business slowly began to grow and before I knew it, I had a bonafide client list. Within 3 years, I was offered a second line with a larger territory and my business began to boom. We now carry 3 lines. Like other small businesses, we faced growing pains along the way. Finding the right staff, expanding our clientele, entering the world of online marketing and fine-tuning our training have been some of the challenges we have had to work out. However, I feel blessed for having the help I have had at each stage – every person who worked in our office, contributed their knowledge and skills to build a healthy, thriving business. I believe that business grows like people – from infancy to toddlerhood to adolescence and, finally, maturity. We are enjoying these “later” stages and the wisdom that was gleaned from the more “challenging” growth stages.
It is interesting to look back and see the trajectory of our growth. For many years, I was knocking on doors, closing sales, training and educating estheticians, traveling around the world and managing all internal aspects of the business. Today, I am fortunate to have a wonderful staff of estheticians, trainers and marketers who contribute to the continued growth of the business. I feel fortunate that the seeds that were planted many years ago are coming to fruition – and we are able to help others realize their dreams, too.
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Proud, Blessed, Thankful

Friendly Service Delivers Quality Products

We are most proud of our customer service. We have friendly, efficient, knowledgeable staff who strive to make every customer feel welcome. In addition, we believe that our German-based skincare brands are of the highest quality. We offer results-oriented, corrective skincare for professionals who want to affect change in various skincare conditions.
With our professional skincare lines for estheticians and our licensed professionals, on-going education, on-site training and business building techniques, or clients are sure to succeed.

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“This was my first order and it was more pleasant than I could have imagined. Not only did I immediately receive a call to confirm a few details regarding shipping, but when I received my package faster than expected it was so nicely packaged and handled. There was care in the details and packing, there were lots of samples, and the extra product descriptions are extremely helpful. I’m so thankful I went with Biokosmetik for my professional needs!.”
– Brittney, esthetician
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